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The studio URBANBERRY offers three dimensional designs that explore the relation between people, object and space.
URBAN + BERRY means : big + small, city + funiture, design + organic, sweet + sour
Our designs are like little berries growing, not only in your garden but also in wild open fields.

We focus on conversations to develop original designs with stakeholders.
Being aware of the impact of the building process, the environment is carefully approached,
so we can provide professional architecture designs combined with new technology, sustainable aspects and playfulness.


Since 1997, architect and designer Yukiko Nezu has been living in Amsterdam,
where happens in daily basis more cross culture activities than her homeland in Tokyo.

Continent vs island is an important element for her to think about spirits in creativity.
Having both views makes a richness to realize where should be a standing point and how to go further.
Yukiko Nezu delivered different scales of design, from big area development to interior furniture, local activities,
within different functions like an architect, a coordinator, and a concept builder.

Yukiko Nezu received a Master of Engineer from Tokyo City University and the second one is from
the Berlage Institute in Amsterdam where she obtained the Dutch national scholarship.
With her architecture practice she won the IF-design Gold Prize and the Lai Award.

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