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The location is at Singel flower market where is one of popular tourist track in Amsterdam.
The challenge of the design  was to create an identity to distinguish from other souvenir shops on the street.
The most shops are constructed by glass house and placed simple shelves to display souvenir.

We propose to place house in house with typical Amsterdam housing roofs;  
Puntgevel, halsgevel, klokgevel, schoudergevel, tuitgevel, trapgevel.
There are different origins and history.
We draw roof shapes, windows, and ornaments one by one on the computer and engraved on multiplex panels by a big laser cut machine.
Many roofs under the real roof create small display rooms and scenes.
The combination of craft like material treatment and red color walls gives a warm and blight atmosphere.

Client : Laddrak Bouquet
Site : Amsterdam (400m2)
Programme : Interior Design
Type : commision 2018-2019