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Amsterdam Sigel flower market is the most popular place to visit for tourists.
It used to have a character as a market and it consists of a lot of boarts on the canal selling Christmas trees for the local people.
But now we see only glass houses stand next to each other and selling typical Dutch souvenir.
All 16 shops looks like the same. Maybe it is because of the same products they are selling.

The challenge of the design was creating an identity for the new opening shop.
Because of the shape of the given space, we propose house in house. Typical Amsterdam housing roof become display walls.
The drawings applied on multiplex panel with graving wood which expand an aspect towards to craft-like.
The color of space has to be simnplify but impressive for selling items. We choose red and wooden texture to be inside of a normal alminium glass house.

Client : Laddrak Bouquet Site : Amsterdam (400m2)
Programme : Interior Design
Type : commision 2018-2019