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In the 60s-70s it was not clear whether New Babylon was science fiction or a documentary. But if we look at it now, New Babylon shows the current life;
a world of interactivity, moving from event to event, connections and relationships with people around the world.
A world where nobody is a stranger. A world where man is an active player;
we can visit places and enter into relationships with people who are beyond the physical possibilities.
In this research and design the new structures of new ways of living are intertwined with the existing structures of the post-war neighbourhoods.

The addition of the New Babylon structure in a program of temporality, use, play, interaction and nature will have a catalyst effect on these existing neighbourhoods.
The neighbourhoods will be made more sustainable with wooden constructions that puncture the roofs as catalytic converters and bridge the wide roads.
The spaces will create communal public places of residence such as gardens, workplaces, temporary living spaces or enclaves with vegetable gardens.
The existing building is "injected" with the new structure and thus "new" breathed into life and ready for the future.
The strict broad roads of existing modernistic design are now separating life at ground level and it makes spontaneous events impossible.
We propose new structures which will be connectors, physically and socially, for the neighbourhoods.

Client : Self Initiative
Collaborator : URBAN ECHOES
Site : Lodewijk van Deysselstraat in Amsterdam
Programme : Area development
Type : Research