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As long as the Dutch Institute of Architecture (NAi) is closed for renovation, lectures and
other social activities will take place in a temporary pavilion placed next to the NAi-building.

The pavilion will be constructed entirely out of re-used materials left over from the renovation
of the main building, all initially registered and categorized.

For a while, the materials of the NAi are reconfigured into a different shape. Its formal language and
position in the distant sharp point of the adjoining strip of grass makes the pavilion look like a small
mutated clone of the NAi- building which has disengaged from its origin and begins to live its own life.

Client : Nederlands Architectuurinstituut
Site : Rotterdam, Netherlands
Programme : temporary pavilion (160m2)
Team : collaboration with visual artist Kaleb de Groot
Type : commission 2010
The project was realised as NEZU AYMO architects