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The International Criminal Court in Den Haag is an intergovernmental organization which has the jurisdiction to prosecute
individuals for the international crimes of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes.
The new location is in dune near to the north sea and also near to the center of the city.

The building program is very complex due to the secrity reason and the connections between office rooms are very difined.
Analizing the program, we created efficient one linner line of office functions, which loselly wrapped around the stucked the 4 stories court spaces.
The landscape and open air inbetween the volume provids very different perceptions and interpretations.
It is a hybrid of extravert transparency and confidentiality, implying a more introvert character;
a hybrid of flexibility versus persistence (determination). ICC's core mission is always exposed (visible) to the public,
while the beauties of site and view are offered to all the major actors in ICC's complex process.

Freelance work for SeARCH Client : International Criminal Court
Site : 46.000m2, Den Haag, Netherlands
Year: 2008 Programme : International Criminal Court
Roll : Concept desing for the competition