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The position of de Kop van het Land between Dordrecht and the National Park de Biesbosch gives
the area the character of a transition zone. It is a piece of cultivated nature which connects
the city and the ‘real’ nature. We suggest to reinforce the role of de Kop van het Land as a hinge
between city and nature, creating a place where the qualities of the cultural landscape are reinstalled
in a position equal to that of the canonised nature of the biesbosch.

By placing a ring of content along the inside of the dikes surrounding the polder we are underlining
the existing qualities and facilitating the access to the landscape. The ring is defined by a bicycle
and pedestrian path below the dike at polder level. The central part of the polder will remain agriculture.

At de Kop van het Land we propose to place a new kind of museum - a combination of a cultural/natural history -,
art -, and open air museum - as a new focal point and a point of departure to explore the area.

Client : Stichting de Stad
Site : Dordrecht, Netherlands (43 ha)
Programme : Landscape plan
Type : competition, first prize 2011
The project was realised as NEZU AYMO architects