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Mercatorplein is one of the great local gathering public space in our neighborhood.
Subjective Map project organized an activity for the local kids with several workshops to make a new Mercator projection at the square.
The goal of this activity was to upgrade the public space and area by providing a temporal new design.
It was successful to exchange ideas about the neighborhood with dialogues and the exhibition.

We collected 44 subjective map hand drawings from the local kids which are shown own way from the house to the school.
Each kid selected an iconic object from the map to make a templete for spray paint.
We designed a 10 meter diameter map of the neighborhood for the Mercatorplein floor tile.
One of weekend in July through an opublic pen call we organized a graffiti workshop with the local kids
to creat one big map of the neighborhood.

Site : Amsterdam (400m2)
Programme : Workshop
Type : Initiative Project 2018
Collaborator : Groeten van Marc, WeMakeThe.City, Akros, De Visserschool