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Dutch Pavilion FILBO

The Dutch pavilion of the international book fair of Bogota 2016 welcomes visitors by installations
of Dutch landscapes where Dutch people could go by bike and spend a nice relax time to read a book.
Urbanberry Design proposes a conceptual design of Dutch landscapes with bike & book.
The construction material and techniques for the pavilion will be as much as possible typical Colombian.

Cycling is one of the most popular activities to spend a nice leisure time in the Netherlands.
Not only neighbour parks or forests but also around the farmer fields where cows and sheep are.
Dutch dune landscape, tulip fields, and dikes are typical spots you can go to. Basically you can go
anywhere by bike in the Netherlands. People often carrying food and a blanket to relax in nature.
To bring your favorite book is also a good idea because it becomes a little holiday.

Client : Dutch Embassy in Colombia
Site : Colombia, Bogota (3,000m2)
Programme : pavilion of NL, Country Guest of Honor
Type : study 2015