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In the VINEX (Dutch subervia) location in Zoetermeer this unieque school complex was designed.
Placing all class rooms of 4 schools in north side and connected by one corridor through east and west orientation,
which adapted flexibility of changing number of kids year to year. The building has one united design with zigzag roof shape.
From the roof top view the building has different rhythm from the division of classes.

The rest of special activity rooms are located the south side of the corridor most efficient way,
that makes organic shape for outdoor playgrounds. Each school as one playdround.
The lightscape design of the building is very important to achive energy efficency.
The entrances are located in the north side and there people immideatelly see the courtyard.
In the corridor and class rooms receive natural light from the east west facade as well.

Freelance work for SeARCH Client : Municipality Zoetermeer
Site : 7.700m2, Zoetermeer, Netherlands
Programme : 4 schools, kindergaren, 48 appartments
Roll : Concept desing for the competition