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Wafel Shop

The typical Dutch sweet called 'stroopwafel' is very popular for locals and tourist. It is easy to
get it everywhere but not the fresh one. In the center of Amsterdam it is hardly find the shop.
The kiosk is placed in a corner of a souvenir shop where always mass tourists come at
Amsterdam flower market.

A gift shop at the flower market in Amsterdam has a stroopwafel kiosk in the shop.
Handmade wafels together with coffee offers a little break to your busy way.
The orange waffle bench at the entrance makes an eye catch as well as a staying place for a moment to enjoy.
The bench was made of 3mm steel sheet cut by laser cutter and later it was bended to shape.

Client : Kroon van Singel
Site : Amsterdam, Netherlands (6m2)
Programme : Shop Interior, Bench
Type : Commission, Delivered in 2016