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Plastic Dragon

Plein'40-'45 has a big problem of plastic garbage flying away from the market for years.
Three different groups were busy stimulating awareness of this phenomenon to the local users.
Schoonste Plein '40-'45 received a neighboorhodd budget from the municipality to iniciate different activity for this topic.
Urbanberry Design were asked to design an art object for collecting plastic garbage at the square.
We started designing to find a shape through severalworkshops by using sticks, cray, paper, and computer renderings.
It became a plastic dragon! All the materials for the construction are found on streets except the white paint.
We made strings from PET bottles and it was fixed easily on the dragon frame which can hang plastic waste on the object.
The wing of the object is hanged in the comunity glass house in front of the municipality of New West.

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Client : Schoonste Plein '40-'45
Site : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Programme : Art installation
Collaborator: Bea Vancaillie, Buurtwerkplaats Noorderhof
Type : comission
Year : 2021