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The Netherlands Architecture Institute presents the exhibition about Team 10.
The activities of them continued more than 30 years. Team 10 was a group of critical architects from various countries in Europe,
who made an important contribution to the discourse on architecture and urban design in the latter half of the 20th century.

The design concept is ‘grid’. Tables and walls create unique shape of rooms. The rooms are located by chronologically to
show the exhibition materials. Team 10 architects’ idea on 60’ realized on 80’. We exhibit in the same space but not the same room.
For example when the audiences stand 60’ room still they can see 80’s room but not go there because of the table.
We present models on the tables, drawings on the walls, quarts and video inbetween walls.
received many positive reactions from people passing by.

Freelance work for SeARCH Client : Netherlands Architecture Institute
Site : Rotterdam, Netherlands
Programme : Exhibition
Roll : Concept desing & excution