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The commission was to design the renovation of the interior of a Japanese shop
located in the centre of Amsterdam. Since 1976, the shop has been selling a variety of Japanese
products. With the renewal, the range of items will become a careful selection of exclusive ceramics,
kimonos, Japanese paper and lamps.

The concept of the design is -A Whisper from Japan-. The image of the shop will not be a loud and
over-explicit gesture but rather an expression of subtle elegance and high quality. The basic idea
is that every product conveys a message by its pure being, discreetly, like a whisper.

Client : 't Japanse Winkeltje
Site : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Programme : shop, studio, 200 m2
Type : commission, completion Mar. 2010
Photo : Jeroen Musch
The project was realised as NEZU AYMO architects