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Jan Evertsenstraat, nicknamed "Jan Eef ", is a local shopping street having a roof and basic grey
pedestrian tiles. For a long time, untill present, this street didn't function as the intimacy of
public space because of biased facilities of the shops.

Through graffiti workshops with local kids, we try to make the statement that the street is for
public. The kids were asked to draw what they see during the journey from home to school. The
view of their neighborhood becomes the graffiti for the shopping street which communicate the
idea with passengers. We collected sketches and the best 18 drawings became template. During the painting we have
received many positive reactions from people passing by.

Client : ABC-West, Multifunctioneel Centrum de Tagerijn
Site : Amsterdam, Netherlands (1.2 km)
Programme : upgrade public space
Type : workshop for kids, 2017