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Interdiciplinary environment - De Student aan het roer

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Within the ICT courses of Scalda College in Zeeland, the hybrid philosophy - interweaving education and professional practice - is leading.
The students work in commercial learning environments - such as a Shared Service Center, Bytz and Innovision Solutions - from various
specific roles on external assignments from companies. Nevertheless, the Scalda College observes that its IT programs still function
in isolation from the context, and that this context is not unambiguous. ICT and technology is everywhere.

A student of ICT and Technology can end up at an office after graduation, but also with a shipbuilder or in healthcare.
Where and how do students learn to look beyond the boundaries of their own field and to function within those different contexts?
We organised workshops together with the team leaders, the students, and all stakeholders to found out what could be the program, space, and collaborations.

Interdiciplinary environment in learning context is a program run by Stimuleringsfonds under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands.

Site : Vlissingen, NL
Client : Stimuleringsfond, Scalda Programme : Educational space design
Type : Research and design Project 2018-2019
Collaborator : SETUP, PULS3