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Isbjerget (Iceberg) located on the new waterfront development of Aarhus, takes its inspiration from floating icebergs in continual motion.
Its peaks and canyons elicit the project’s iconic strength while ensuring that all 155 apartments take in a generous amount of natural light and feature waterfront views.

The varied building shapes create a series of apartment types. At ground level a number of 2 story townhouses are integrated into the volume.
Penthouse apartments are located within the stunning peaks of the building. The triangular window shape makes pattern of cristal ice-like. Balconies feature glass changes in gradations of deep blue at the base to transparent at the top in keeping with the color of an iceberg.
A mix of apartments with different balconies, shapes and orientations ensure an urban living environment with social diversity.

Freelance work for SeARCH
Client : PensionDanmark
Site : 25.000m2, Aarhus, Denmark
Year: 2008 Programme : Urban Planning, Housing
TEAM: CEBRA, JDS, Louis Paillard, SeARCH
Roll : Concept desing for the competition, preliminary and difinitive design