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Floriade EXPO 2020 Japanese Pavilion

For the realization of the Japanese Pavilion at Floriade 2022, Almere, URBANBERRY DESIGN was hired as
the local architect to carry the design process from early stages until the opening.
A challenge started to research suitable local materials and to keep the Japanese design quality with available products and technique.
The Japanese Pavilion is standing in front of high trees that could resemble the slope of a mountain and
is surrounded by a traditional Japanese garden. The way of living in the countryside used to be very sustainable
within their own ecosystem. Building materials were obtained from the direct surroundings,
and design techniques were developed from availability of materials. Life was centred around nature,
leading to a need to recycle were possible and achieve zero waist.
The Pavilion is made of classical natural materials, like a wooden frame structure, thatch roof, stucco fa├žade and paper walls.
Visitors can easily picture themselves in the Japanese countryside.

Client : Ministry Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, JCB, Fujiya co.,ltd.
Site : Almere, Netherlands (240 m2)
Contracter : WBC bouwgroup
Structural Engineer: Van Rossom
Interior builderBrantwachter en Meijer
Collaborator: Mikel van Gelderen, Peter Nagtzaam
Photo credit: Ayako Nishibori, Yukiko Nezu
Programme : Pavilion
Type : Completed 2022